Aspects of physical reality catch my attention: certain views, movements, spaces. Investigating and ultimately understanding the processes inherent to this mode of perception has become the focus of my practice.

daily photography project [2006-2018]

I see static elements of my physical environment as a grid of lines, colours and textures. The immediacy of this perception finds its representation in instantaneous photographs. Over a decade those images have evolved into a documentation of my personal aesthetic, my way of seeing.

series of algorithmic animations [2013-2018]

I experience the visual perception of movement as accumulative. Over time, observations of similar movements are layered to form one complete percept. As part of this process, the rules governing the movement are clarified. I translate those behavioural rules into computational instructions. The visual representation of the resulting abstract algorithm is informed by the aesthetic I develop in my photographic work. I situate the movement in virtual and physical environments.

[since 2019]

I investigate the role of plants for individual wellbeing and the link between the development of garden design and wider cultural change.
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