Ulla Nolden investigates the joy found at the margins of everyday life and its potential for individual and social change.

essays about gardens
[since 2019]

Ulla Nolden’s current project, called BISWEILEN, is focused on gardens. Through written observations and interviews she tries to understand the role of plants for individual expression and joy. Furthermore she researches the link between the historic development of garden design and wider cultural change. Ultimately Nolden asks if gardens could be testing sites for rethinking our relationship with nature and with each other.

series of algorithmic animations

Ulla Nolden created the PURE MOVEMENTS project to investigate the phenomenon of certain movements at the margins of everyday life giving her extraordinary joy. She used programming languages to formalise and represent this sensual experience in algorithmic animations.

daily photography project

Ulla Nolden started the EVERYDAY project without intention, yet gradually, over several years, the photographs revealed her own aesthetic.