Pure Movement 1

Part of the Pure Movements series

I am fascinated by the complex yet elegantly fluid movement of spiders. I perceive beauty in the movement itself, separate from the creature which produces it.

To represent my perception I formalise the behavioural rules of the movement and translate them into computational instructions. The spider’s basic gait pattern is an alternation of 2 tetrapods with 4 legs moving while 4 are on the ground. The steps are altered in length and frequency according to variations in the terrain. Furthermore, the gait of some spider species becomes irregular as they move faster.

I visualise the abstract algorithm using the aesthetic language I developed in my photographic work which explores marginal scenes in my everyday surroundings.

I represent variations of the algorithm in different environments.

Pure Movement 1, environment 1

Environment 1 is a photographic image from EVERYDAY (6 May 2014).

The work won the Digital Canvas open call by art channel ikono.TV, has been exhibited in New York and Bologna and was selected for the Film Stripping programme at Centrum contemporary art space, Berlin.

Pure Movement 1, environment 1
digital video loop generated by custom algorithm 1:23 min
HD resolution

Visual Reference Grid 1.1
for Pure Movement 1, environment 1, images taken from EVERYDAY

Pure Movement 1, environment 1.2

Environment 1 is a photographic image from EVERYDAY

An edition of 9 unique iterations of the algorithm (+1 artist’s proof), each generating a subtly different movement.
available on digital art platform s[edition]

Pure Movement 1, environment 1.2
9 unique digital video loops (+1AP), each  generated by an iteration of the custom algorithm
length varies between 0:58 and 1:04 min [above: 30 sec excerpt]

HD resolution

Visual Reference Grid 1.1.2
for Pure Movement 1, environment 1.2, images taken from EVERYDAY

Pure Movement 1, environment 2

Environment 2 are the floor and walls of an art gallery.

'Opposite the window, five screens are situated at various heights and distances from each other on two adjacent walls, with one lying face-up on the floor along an irregular line demarcating two disparate patterns of tiling. From a distance, the screens appear imageless, emitting only a soft white glow. In close proximity, the textures and imperfections of the space’s distinctive surfaces become evident – as though the screens were empty frames. Across these five screens runs a looped video of Nolden’s algorithm, in which the long, spindly legs of an animated spider communicate the patterns and irregularities of its motion. As it moves across the screen, momentarily disappears and reemerges on the next—interacting with and moving through the actual space—the delicate lines of its body, and the shadow it casts, continuously reconfigure a drawing in process.' From an article by art critic Julianne Cordray for BerlinArtLink.com 16/5/2017:

site-specific work exhibited at Centrum [contemporary art space] Berlin in May 2017

Pure Movement 1, Environment 2
installation (5 video loops, HD resolution, 8 min each, generated by custom software, 5 monitors with media players), installation size 2 x 1.5 x 2.5 m,

Visual Reference Grid 1.2
for Pure Movement 1, environment 2, images taken from EVERYDAY